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A new stop-motion movie hit during the holiday season in 2022 from Guillermo Del Toro, and while Pinocchio was not a claymation movie, it reminded a lot of fans of the love and dedication that goes into making those movies. Aug 31, 2017. Unlike other styles of animation, in which perfection is paramount, one of the pleasures of watching a stop-motion film is imagining the painstaking process that went into producing each second. I can't find it and don't know the name of the song 0 | I've been looking for this video/song for years. As one who makes a habit of watching music videos that make my nostalgic heart sing, I am constantly perplexed by the amount of space themes present throughout the videos of yesteryear even though most of the songs had absolutely nothing to do with outer space. 26. The new HS national indoor 200 women's record-holder Mia Brahe-Pedersen is white. 2023 BDG Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Probably pretty friggin hard. Despite not getting the same critical acclaim as others, it was still Oscar-nominated and won a BAFTA and Annie Award for Aardman Studios. The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight The one with the terrifying bouncing aliens. | Animation, Comedy, Drama, G The clay avatars of punk group Radkey star in an average vegetation session turned demonic, psychotropic trip, courtesy of Yesevil Claymation. The two share four children . Music, By Matt | (Located right side on desktop, varies on mobile. Nothing really says '90s like George Michael's "Freedom! Was it the Mark Osborne video for the song MORE? Stars: Clinton Voss, Kimberley Stark, Greg Carroll, Francoise Sas. | OK, the space theme is actually appropriate for this one, being that it was the title track to the 1997 extraterrestrial action-comedy by the same name. Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart The one with the haunted choirboys and sensual swim team. Visit our moderation dashboard to view statistics on our moderating activity. In An Adventure With Scientists was a star-studded hit for the world of claymation. Spears plays a femme fatale living on Mars in this gem from 2000. It's a trip to the weirdest carnival of all time, and the visuals just make it even weirder. 1. Javiera Mena - Espada The one with all the rainbows! Boogie Fre$h - "The Magic Key 2", Owl City - "When Can I See You Again?" The following music videos get their undeniable strangeness from a variety of sources. It . Pray that you never end up in this hellish jungle. 6. Synopsis: When a UFO crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, it's up to Shaun the sheep and his animal friends to help. 14. 3. Animation, Adventure, Comedy, PG Let's take a look at seven space-themed videos that are truly out of this world. Back in the '90s and early 2000s, it seemed like intergalactic journeys were a prime theme in music videos. Here are our top 10 stop-motion animation music videos for you to enjoy. #7. 5. It was also their first film to drop in 3D. (2000) Rotoscoping "Brothers in Arms" by Dire Straits (1985) Stop-motion . Behold, the motley crew that are some of the weirdest music videos of all time, for your viewing pleasure. Did you watch Sober? Real talk, I'm not sure this even qualifies for the weirdest thing Michael Jackson's ever done. The first step to making a claymation is to write a script. . Let It Snow! 20. Found it on another page, finally! The Gandharvas - The Masochistic Minstrel, Heres an example of an entire world being created using stop-motion animation. 23 min 85 min A poignant release that is well worth taking a look into. Claymation is an animation technique using movable clay characters and stop-motion recording. Good song, though. But because of the immense amount of time and labor required to make a lengthy stop-motion animation, theyre not nearly as common as other types of animated films (the recent stop-motion feature ParaNorman took three years to complete). There is also a giant plush squid that battles the band at the end, which is ridiculous ridiculously awesome, that is! Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart The one with the haunted choirboys and sensual swim team. 88 min He won an Oscar for his work [2] alongside several Emmy Awards and Clio Awards for his studio's work. 86 min Vinton was best known for his Claymation work, alongside creating iconic characters such as The California Raisins. Also, mermaids and mermen apparently live in space. Instead of making the figures out of clay, these are made out of wood and then sent through the same stop-motion techniques as the beloved claymation movies throughout the years. This Partizan production, which would go on to garner four VMA nominations as well as a Grammy nomination for Best Short Form Music Video,was directed by Michel Gondry. It's trippy to watch and makes the video one of the most recognizable of all time. We still don't get why. Aardman is bringing back Wallace and Gromit for a new adventure. Given the mature and confident production of this short film, fans would be forgiven for not realizing this is just the second entry into the Wallace And Gromit series. Weve all played this game at some point, right? Photo by Kanye West / Instagram Kanye West decapitates and. Of Montreal An Eluardian Instance (2009). Watch the video here . | | 3. The latest running news, sent to your inbox weekly. Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande - "Boys Like You", Robbie Williams - "Let Love Be Your Energy", Robbie Williams - "Rock DJ" (CG skeleton at the end), Vanessa Williams - "Colors of the Wind" (footage from, Wilco - "Dawned On Me" (features Popeye the Sailor), YAOSOBI - some of their videos such as "Probably" and "Monster", Yellow Magic Orchestra - "Computer Game/Firecracker", Yorushika / n-buna - lots of their videos such as "Hitchcock", "First train and Kafka", "Prostitution" and "Say It", The Young Punx - "You've Got To (Norman Cook Mix)", Ylvis - "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)" Rafael Bonilla's music video for Pools from Oxford's Glass Animals captures nature in all its gross, terrifying, and psychedelic beauty, and it's made of clay! (CG fox at the end), Yung Bae and Flamingosis - "Laa La Laaa" (contains footage from, Yung Bae and Macross 82-99 - "Welcome To The Disco" (contains footage from. I just got done watching that video a few minutes ago! Here are some of the best animated music videos of all time! Animated Music Video. Director: Henry Selick | Stars: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, John Hodgman, Jennifer Saunders Votes: 237,548 | Gross: $75.29M 8. Lets see some of the finest examples of music videos created in the past decade (cause if it included the 90s, it would have been all Tool videos) using this bad-ass technique. 22. I've looked through as many claymation Tool videos as I can find but it doesn't seem to match what I remember. It's a claymation music video from the late 90s/early 00s. Is it just the shoes? Done without fanfare or the intention to draw attention, this reveal is one of the subtle reasons ParaNorman was such a brilliant, forward-thinking release. 32. It introduced the first openly gay character in a mainstream animated film in the form of Mitch. While the news of Chicken Run 2 is being slowly swept somewhat back under the rug (even though it is apparently in production), one thing fans can all agree on is that the original Chicken Run is a brilliant piece of cinema. But, not all clay animation shows are child-friendly, other series are are for adults, such as Robot Chicken and Crossing Swords. The one claymation Aardman Wallace and Gromit movie that hit after the theatrical movie, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, was called A Matter of Loaf and Death. Plus, it features Burton's iconic style with narration by Vincent Price. The unique setting meant the creative use of clay models and animation was perfect for the film. This is one of those stop-motion videos where you can really see the amount of sheer labor it took to create it. Silvery - Horrors Released: 2008 Produced by: Alasdair + Jock It took a few creative leaps in its production, combining the stop-motion claymation with 3D-printed faces for each character. The videos can be dreamy or nightmarish, but beating beneath the putty is a human heart. Perhaps Tool? The subject is a guy, but he's sort of not-human-looking I guess? What better way to pay tribute to your legions of fans than from outer space? Back in the '90s and early 2000s, it seemed like intergalactic journeys were a prime theme in music videos. 24. | A 1987 Chanel No. Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity The one where Jamiroquai looks oddly like James Franco in Pharrell's hat. 'Sowing the seeds of love' - Tears for fears 'Happy hour' - Housemartins 'Reet Petite' - Jacki Wilson 'Star Trekkin'' - The Firm . It started with a guy sitting in a chair, and I think he sort of melted down and got smaller, and was chased through a house by something. All rights reserved. The subject is a guy, but he's sort of not-human-looking I guess? What do some of the top coaches in the USA think of the ridiculous times? Sledgehammer was a smash hit in the 1980s, and we think the video can take some credit for that because it's just so good! Plan out what you want to happen in your short story, and find some appropriate music. Insert complications. An adventurous 11-year-old girl finds another world that is a strangely idealized version of her frustrating home, but it has sinister secrets. 5. The rest of the plot concerns the kids meeting up with other characters from his works. Tyler The Creator - Yonkers The one with the haunting puke silhouette. While your clay figures are unlikely to be very talkative, that doesn't mean you're not telling a story. ", Moby - "Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)", Modeselektor feat. Read the rules and suggestions of this subreddit for tips on how to get the most out of TOMT. Sakhile Moleshe - "We Come Together", Goldie, James Davidson, Subjective feat. The Boxtrolls is one of the few claymation films in recent years not made by the geniuses over at Aardman Studios. These can range from traditional cel animation to CGI or stop-motion. Approached through stop-motion (though typical animation has been known to combine with claymation in certain situations), the style is unique and highly charming. Someone had to make an animated music video somedayand they did. 31. 23 min Apparently aliens enjoy late '90s and early '00s club hits as much as we do on Planet Earth, as there are a couple blue (how appropriate) extraterrestrials bopping their heads to this addictive track throughout the video. I would just like to point out that Nick Carter is a robot in this video and accompanied by a bevy of robot dancers. Claymation is one of the most unique animation styles around. Matisyahu - "Drown in the Now", Cuarteto de Nos - "Ya no s qu hacer conmigo", Daft Punk - "Interstella 5555" (anime film featuring the album Discovery as soundtrack; below mentioned titles were aired as standalone music videos), Daft Punk - "The Prime Time Of Your Life" (puppet skeletons), Dance Fruits - each of the videos such as DMNDS' "I Follow Rivers" and Steve Void's "Numb", Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi - "Two Against One", Daze - "Together Forever" (features cameos from Tamagotchi characters), Death Cab for Cutie - "Good Help (Is So Hard to Find)", Charlotte Devaney and MC Neat - "Pull Up", DJ Assad feat. Claymation is an art style centered on the complex and creative construction of clay characters. It's a film style often seen in children's films and cartoons. In this screengrab of Kanye's claymation music video for Eazy, the rapper is seen holding the decapitated head of Pete Davidson. The song reminds me of Tool, but I can't remember any of the lyrics as it's been at least a decade since I've heard it. For a list of stop motion films in general, please go here . Part of HuffPost Entertainment. It's weird, to be certain, but entirely worth a watch. Votes: 283. In the end I believe he wakes up from it like it was a dream and goes to a fridge. Just like South Park! This is a list of media that showcase clay animation, and is divided into three sections: film (both short and feature-length), television (both series and made-for-television films), and music videos. (uses footage from, Ozzy Osbourne feat. Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. do the clay people somewhat resemble the stereotypical "grey" alien ( The video required a month of computer-assisted storyboarding, followed by two days of shooting 3,225 stills. Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love The one with the gushy face paint. By entering your email and clicking Sign Up, you're agreeing to let us send you customized marketing messages about us and our advertising partners. While long-time Wallace voice actor Peter Sallis passed away recently, his replacement Ben Whitehead will carry on the character for the new movies, which will arrive in 2024. The overall effect is like if the final sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey only featured the astronaut's profile. Gumby first debuted in 1953 on the children's show Howdy Doody (1947-1960), but the character quickly gained popularity and was given his series. While it is not technically claymation, Rankin-Bass had a similar format for their holiday movies. Bert Ridderbos - Traveller, Ninja Sex Party - "Rhinoceratops Vs. Superpuma", Ninja Sex Party - "Welcome To My Parents' House", OK Go - "End Love" (stop-motion movement of band members throughout), One-T ft. Cool-T ft. No wonder its the highest-grossing stop-motion film of all time. Stereotype busted yet again. Music videos took a few odd turns in the 2000s. 274,030 views made by toallthemoviesivewatchedbefore avg. Arguably the most well-known claymation film of all time, The Nightmare Before Christmas channels all the best parts of Halloween and all the best parts of Christmas and turns them into all the best parts of claymation. 2NE1 - "Hate You" 4Hero - "Les Fleur"; 8 Foot Sativa - "Chelsea Smile"; 1280 Almas - "Pasado Animal"; 16bit - "Dinosaurs" A []. Its response wasnt overwhelming, but the appearances of Ben Kingsley, Richard Ayoade, and Simon Pegg are well-placed. Passion Pit - I'll Be Alright The one where the guy makes out with the art. Animation, Adventure, Comedy, TV-PG TUOHY should stay in school!!! Some kids call it Paradise, the others call it a prison and long for the mainland. Or you can take the artistic path and just throw a bunch of weird stuff on the screen in time to the music. Hate em? While not exactly what one would call nightmare fuel, it does showcase a darker side of Disney that not many people see nowadays. Youre lying in bed half asleep and you picture your bodily poses against the 2D screen that is your bed as you pretend to be walking or floating around the screen with a variety of backdrops. Some of the films that use it are classics and these are the best of the bunch. Animation, Short, Comedy, TV-PG The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight The one with the terrifying bouncing aliens. Animation, Short, Adventure, PG Consider this, for example: how hard is it to sync the stop-motion flipping of photographs of a singing mouth with the actual vocal of the song? You can show the band performing the song, or tell a story (which may or may not relate to the song itself). 90s | David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time The one David Lynch made. Until that time, there are plenty of great claymation movies for people who love the technique. We review 100% of reports submitted. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. | Pop stars like Britney Spears made the decade's biggest pop songs that much more iconic, while rappers like KanyeWest created visuals that would be remembered as not only the best of the decade, but also as some of the best videos of all time, full stop. | Public, Not Rated Thanks to a collaboration between DreamWorks and Aardman, Chicken Run was able to gather an exceptional supporting cast including Mel Gibson and Timothy Spall. While the first showed a claymation version of Pete, 28, getting buried up to his . Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer The one with a clay Peter Gabriel. Let's be fair; Primus have made their entire careers on being weird, so this video really isn't all that surprising. Julia Church - "Everything Is Changing", Goldfish feat. 1. 5 commercial made the Nina Simone song a hit nearly thirty years after its release. Specifically, the best music videos of the 2000s. These are our picks for the best stop-motion music vids around. Stream here. Boy bands like *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys made us swoon from spaceships, tales of infatuation were accompanied by claymation aliens and a plush monster squid (more on that in a bit), and sometimes extraterrestrials would even join our favorite music stars by serving as backup dancers. Its one of those methods that is anything but seamless, and yet, its the minute flaws in stop-motion animations that make them so charming. The most I remember is that it was sort of like a side-scroller and he was constantly moving to the right, and I remember at one point in the video he peers through a hole in a door. | Some are scary, some are raunchy, and yes, there's some Marilyn Manson in there. All the replies I see on here are wrong. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. After the clip's journey from jungle to sea floor, you'll see the clown fish hiding inside us all. From hair trends to relationship advice, our daily newsletter has everything you need to sound like a person whos on TikTok, even if you arent. The most I remember is that it was sort of like a side-scroller and he was constantly moving to the right, and I remember at one point in the video he peers through a hole in a door. We might be getting close, but we're not done sifting through every conceivable facet of Complex culture from the last decade (2000 - 2009) in ourBest of the2000sseries. The scenes incorporated claymation, pixilation, and stop-motion animation to come to life. The creepy effort from the same studio that brought you The Boxtrolls, ParaNorman was a surprisingly dark effort for a film aimed at children. Instead of claymation, the technique was called "Animagic" and consisted of puppet figures made of wood. While we don't dispute the star power of those puttingoutthe videos in the '80s and '90s, the 2000swelcomed a cinematic renaissance that helped music videos for poprock and burgeoning rap alikereach a new level of iconic. Technicalities aside, the irreverent nature of the space-themed videos only added to their appeal. Clearly, so many frames have been dedicated to every little movement that it flows almost perfectly. | Provide context for this post report if relevant. Jeff Beck - "Patient No. William Gale Vinton (November 17, 1947 - October 4, 2018) [1] was an American animator and filmmaker. Gumby and his pony buddy Pokey became pop culture icons in the United States. I can't find it and don't know the name of the song. I am looking for the exact same song and video. BRNS created this 2D music video with kaleidoscopes of color and animated zoetropes: the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of images showing progressive phases of that motion. That video is way more abstract than the unknown one. Claymation is a form of stop-motion animation where each animated piece, including characters and some backgrounds, is constructed out of a malleable substance, which is typically plasticine clay. ", King Tuff - "Sun Medallion (kaleidoscope effects and drawn frames), K'naan - "Hurt Me Tomorrow" (2D stick figures), The Knife - "We Share Our Mother's Health", Sugimoto Kousuke and Manabe Takayuki - "The TV Show", Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Fashion Monster (exterior shots), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Ninjya Re Bang Bang, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Yume no Hajima Ring Ring, Brenda Lee - "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree", Demi Lovato - "Let It Go" (features footage from, The Living Tombstone - most of his videos such as "Drunk", "My Ordinary Life", and "Hit The Snooze", Loco Loco - each of their songs like "It Burns, Burns, Burns" and "Mosquito", London Elektricity - most of his videos such as "All Hell Is Breaking Loose", "Fault Lines", and "Cum Dancing", Los Chicos de Barrio - "Mucha Lucha" (features characters from the show of the same name), Love Regenerator, Solardo - "Rollercoaster", Madden feat. Also I recall the overarching theme being loneliness, if that helps at all. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (1970) Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney are the lead vocal actors in this telling of Santa Claus's origin story. You can see every single frame on this Flickr page. By subscribing to this BDG newsletter, you agree to our. Lights) - No One Knows Who We Are , Kid Cudi - "Stars In The Sky" (features Sonic the Hedgehog), King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - some of their videos such as "2.02 Killer Year", "Dreams", and "O.N.E. Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer. 29. In this music video that a woman is singing,a lady sees a letter and after that she went out of the house crying,and after that her husband saw her and follows her all the way out and after that an accident happens to the man by a car,when she sees her husband come to her husband and saw her husband die and crying again,after that she wakes up "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" by Whitney Houston (1987) Whitney Houston in the video. Claymation in the 1950s. Sure, the record industry may not be what it once was, but that doesn't mean that the past decade hasn't seen hundreds, nay,thousandsof videos that deserved consideration in our countdown. Ma Maison - Oui Oui The one with the weirdly sexual bees. | Dora the Explorer - "Todos Juntos", Ed Sheeran - "Sing" (puppet of Ed appears throughout), Siames - most of his videos such as "Mr. IIRC, the character in the video I'm looking for was not clothed. Despite being largely silent, it was an instant hit for adults and kids alike. (features characters from, Dinah Washington - "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby (Rae and Christian Remix)", Weebl - many of his videos such as "Narwhals", "Badger Badger Badger", and "Crabs", The Weeknd & Ariana Grande - "Save Your Tears (Remix)", Andy Williams - "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year", and Justin Bieber - "#thatPOWER" (CG hologram of Bieber at start), Who Is Fancy feat. If youre following the vibe of the song, good all the way. I'm guessing "Bonnie the Cat" by Porcupine Tree. 12. This is a murder mystery that Wallace and Gromit deal with as they start a new bakery business. Over 1000 separate plasticine collages all individually made by hand went into the video for Tame Impala's hit, directed by Becky And Joe. Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy The one with the masks that will haunt your dreams. This has been bugging me for years now!!! This tragic, semi-comedic Australian work was low-budget, with a relatively subtle cast and a timid release, but has come to be recognized for its emotionally driven storyline and dark content. Any Disney buff who knows about Burton's history with the company knows that the studio let him go for being too dark with the original Frankenweenie. 92 min This guy is in a gloomy dark city and i think he goes down some stairs somewhere and all these people turn around with huge glowing eyes. By basic definition, claymation is simply a type of stop-motion animation that utilizes clayor at times more specifically plasticineas a way to capture motion when moving figures incrementally between frames. So we've compiled a list of contemporary and classic clay clips that have stuck with us. ABC - "(How to Be A) Millionaire . The Proud Family The Proud Family was the kind of cartoon. Short films integrating a song dates back to the time when film itself was first invented, but skyrocketed in popularity in the 80s with the. Puppetry and claymation are forms of animation that largely disappeared in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, mostly because they're incredibly expensive and time consuming to make. 4. List of entertainers who died before the age of 60, Non-instrumental songs with titles that do not appear in the lyrics, The Presidents of the United States of America,, Ado - many of their videos, an example being "Readymade", Afrojack and David Guetta - Another Life, Aldebert - a number of his videos such as "Les Super-pouvoirs pourris", "La vie c'est quoi? 28. Morning Parade - "Washing Over Me", Goldfish feat. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Baby Cmon (2005). Thankfully, theres a short form format in which narrative, time limit, and the other binding traits of film simply dont apply, and that is the music video. Chicken Run. Shakira & Karol G's "TQG" Music Video Uses A Classic '90s Movie To Make A Point, 20 Years Later, Pink Reflects On The Bizarre Pepsi Ad With Britney & Beyonc, 22 Years Later, Pink Recalls "A Lot Of Fuss" On The "Lady Marmalade" Set, Everything To Know About The 'Mean Girls: The Musical' Movie, Get Even More From Bustle Sign Up For The Newsletter. This opened the door for the company to make the Christmas movies that fans still love to this day, including Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town. The 8 Most Incredible Stop-Motion Animation Music Videos From The Past Decade The best music videos created with one of the oldest (and coolest!) It's very unpolished and rather Tim Burton-esque, and really nicely blends 2D and 3D elements. The animated mouth action on gilded frontwoman Dede Wegg-Prosser reminds me a little bit of South Park, dont you think? Animation, Short, Comedy, TV-14 If he doesn't look human, does he look like animal, robot, or alien? The nearly 30 year old song got a new lease on life and a music video by Ardman Animation (the studio behind Wallace and Gromit). The problem is that the killer is murdering bakers. Here a few of the best claymation movies created since the year 2000. | It also introduced Justin Fletcher as Shaun the Sheep. Vincent is an Edgar-Allan-Poe-inspired look into the imagination of a young boy with a taste for the mysterious and macabre, much like the director himself. Bruno Mars - "Nothin' on You", Havana Brown ft. Veronica Vega - "COOKIE", Michael Bubl - "It's A Beautiful Day" (CG cloud near the end), Armin Van Buuren and Hardwell - "Off The Hook", Stan Bush - "The Touch" (uses footage from, Butthole Surfers - "Who Was In My Room Last Night? Short filmsintegrating a songdates back to thetimewhen film itself was first invented, but skyrocketed in popularity in the 80s with the advent of MTV (Music Television), which originally made music videos itsprimary and only programming to watch. Animation, Adventure, Comedy. It took a long time to produce, with a multitude of sets, puppets, and props combining to form an artistically immense film brimming with the complex themes of addiction, mental illness, and loneliness. Dont believe it? Its not as easy as filming a band playing in a couple of different locations and slapping together something quick, but even the most DIY effort can yield a truly awesome stop-motion music video. | If you have a question or concern, email us at or call us at our toll-free phone number: View our Terms Of Service for a complete description of our forum policies. I had no idea. | And this video for The Claypool Lennon Delirium, directed by Rich Ragsdale, seals the deal for us. | On top of the leaps forward from a production standpoint, ParaNorman was also revolutionary in its characterization. Strange and unusual is putting it extremely lightly when it comes to The Adventures of Mark Twain. Nuno Gomes, 2017) Ozuna is Latin music's current master of the video universe: The Puerto Rican reggaeton/trap star has so many great videos to his name, it's . However, music videos seem to really love these old forms of animation, and these 12 videos in particular really took the art to its weirdest limits. | 3. Klaus Nomi - Lightning Strikes The one with the triangle tuxedos. Go West - We Close Our Eyes The one with a lot of close-ups on pants. 8. John Mani - "One Million Views", Goldfish feat. Directed by: Rich Ragsdale The combination of Primus' Les Claypool and Sean Lennon, son of John, in a psychedelic prog rock band is a pretty intriguing prospect from the get-go. Approached through stop-motion (though typical animation has been known to combine with claymation in certain situations), the style is unique and highly charming. 5. Taking to Instagram, Ye debuted a claymation-filled black-and-white visual for the track. Tool - Sober The one with the horrifying brain man. Puppetry and claymation are forms of animation that largely disappeared in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, mostly because they're incredibly expensive and time consuming to make. With all these intergalactic videos, I am officially regretting my choice to never sign up for Space Camp. In a genuinely clever plot, the penguin (Feathers McGraw) forces Wallace into a diamond heist, before Wallace and Gromit use their inventing powers and teamwork to finally imprison the mischievous McGraw.

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